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Info Urbania Bloc 2

Info-Urbania Bloc 2
Board of directors - Urbania Bloc 2 May - 2016
board of directors - Urbania Bloc 2

Word from the Board
It’s with great pleasure that we are sending you the first e-letter of the Board of the co-owners Urbania Bloc 2.

This means of communication will be an important tool in giving you information and making sure you know about different projects relating to our bloc.

Hoping that this new initiative will be welcomed by all!

Médecine esthétique

False fire alarm

Friday April 29th, the smoke detector in the garbage room triggered a false fire alarm after someone had thrown garbage causing dust.

The smoke detectors are very sensitive to dust particles and one has to be vigilant to this effect. Any garbage that can cause dust must put in the garbage bin in the basement and not thrown by the chute.

Also, if you do any minor repairs in your condo, keep your door shut so that no dust will go into the corridor and trigger the main fire alarm.

Thanks for your collaboration.

Soin corps Payot

Keep a close eye on the main doors

We have noticed that the main doors to the building sometimes are not closed 100%. Certain persons leave one of the doors open to make a quick purchase.

A SIMPLE REMINDER : the doors must always be closed for the security of all.

With our security cameras, we will be able to identify the persons not respecting these instructions and apply the necessary measures.

Board of directors | Urbania BLoc 2
1445 boul. Le Corbusier, Laval (Qc) H7N 6L1
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