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Info Urbania Bloc 2

Info-Urbania Bloc 2
Board of directors - Urbania Bloc 2 June - 2016
board of directors - Urbania Bloc 2

Water from air conditioners
The «Hot Season» is beginning and the air conditioners have started working to cool things down. Just a quick notice to remind everyone that the draining of the water from the conditoners must be done using a pipe or tubing overlaping the balcony for more or less 50 cm. This is to make sure that the neighbours of the inferior levels are not inconvenienced as well as to avoid humidity stains on the walls of the building.

Médecine esthétique

Spring cleaning

The sunny days and the numerous flowers are a sure sign : it’s Spring and cleaning time! We started by removing, cleaning and storing the carpets of the main entrance and the washing of the indoor garage.

A big thank you to all the garage users for their collaboration in vacating their parking spaces, thus making it possible for a job quickly done.

Soin corps Payot

Priority security

It may seem impolite, but for security reasons, please do not open the main entrance door to strangers.

It is important for everyone's security to not open the main doors to people you do not know or to leave the doors unlocked.

A few residents of the building have been warned and these violations are subject to fines.

Thank you for your collaboration

Board of directors | Urbania BLoc 2
1445 boul. Le Corbusier, Laval (Qc) H7N 6L1
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