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Info Urbania Bloc 2

Info-Urbania Bloc 2
Board of directors - Urbania Bloc 2 July - August / 2016
Tranquility, great for all!

Tranquility, great for all!
According to Article 96 of the Rules of the building, co-owners and tenants must make sure that the tranquillity must not be disrupted by their doing.

If you are disturbed by excessives noises coming from a nearby condo, you should confirm the exact source and then try to have a good relationship with the neighbor at cause. If the problem continues, you can ask for the intervention of the Syndic by communicating with Gestactif to help solve the problem. All residents must respect the tranquility of their neighbors.

Before leaving, close your water valve!

Before leaving, close your water valve!

Going on holidays or your condo will be innoccupied for some time? After making your luggage, don’t forget to simply close your main water valve, thus avoiding major damage if a water leak occurs. This valve is usually near the top of your water heater and it’s the valve closest to your condo wall. It’s also a good idea to close the breaker of your water heater during this time of absence.

If you will be absent for a long period, it would be wise to have someone come and check your condo maybe once a week. Doing so could avoid major water problems in our building and even avoid problems with your insurance company.

Seasonal cleaning is still going on

Seasonal cleaning is still going on.

On June 3rd, Saniva Company cleaned the sumps in the indoor garage. The preventive maintenance took nearly three hours for inspecting and cleaning all the tanks.

A big thank you for your understanding concerning the inconveniences the operation could have caused you.

Security, everyone’s business

Security, everyone’s business

If you must absolutely and exceptionally open the adjoining door to one or two doors of the main entrance of the building by releasing the top and bottom door pins, you must not forget to reset them thus making sure that the main entrance is again well secured. If you open a main door even temporarily, you must stay there.

Board of directors | Urbania BLoc 2
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